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By - Marium Ghobriel, Edited By - Pooja Suganthan

Although the incarcerated are usually there for a reason, does committing a crime warrant a punishment as severe as subpar healthcare? If the foundation of medicine is to heal and prevent adverse effects on health, where should physicians and scientists lie on this moral compass, if at all?

By - Ishraq Nihal, Anling Chen

The possibility of a baby being born in an artificial environment poses a direct challenge to killing the fetus, and has interesting implications on male and female dynamics when it comes to jurisdiction over the fetus

By - Sanjana Ahmed, Lok-Yee Lam

It is largely understood that doctors go through challenging academic careers to gain their highly respected and sought-after titles. The path that those very people take to obtain that role seems to be working to demolish their mental and physical health and essentially set them up for failure.


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