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Image by Kevin Kandlbinder
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Person Getting Vaccinated

By - Christine Kuang, Jacquelyn Tang

According to the American Transplantation Foundation, there are currently 107,000 patients on the waiting list. Clinical transplantation functions as an end-stage organ failure solution. This astronomical number does not include patients whose surgeries have not met the criteria of "lifesaving." Due to the shortage of human organs supply, the waiting list for organ transplantation is brutally long and can take years before one is matched. However, there is one solution to the supply-demand imbalance - Xenotransplantation. 

By - Ishraq Nihal, Marium Ghobriel

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on in the wake of the highly contagious delta variant, a renewed sense of urgency has prompted schools and businesses all over the country to invoke a vaccine mandate. President Biden himself has recently required federal workers to be vaccinated, as well as companies with more than 100 employees, both decisions of which were met with both approval and open hostility.  

By - Kelvin Wu, Pooja Suganthan

It seems like so long ago that the idiom “a chip on one’s shoulder” was just a saying for someone who harbors a grudge or grievance. The amount of people during this pandemic writing about the “microchip” that comes with the COVID-19 vaccine was alarming enough to track attention. What seemed to be the answer to this two year-long pandemic became nothing but a clear distinction of people’s ideals.