Medicine is far more than just science.

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By - Ishraq Nihal, Aisha Abid

Many of us regard animal experimentation as a necessary evil. Although it is acknowledged that harming animals is unethical, this is overlooked because of the profound utility that animal testing provides in ensuring the safety and efficacy of drugs and other chemical products. After all, opposing animal experimentation is to reject several of the wonders modern medicine has to offer.

By - Sanjana Ahmed, Jacquelyn Tang

People always herald college to be the most pivotal, and best four years of their lives. And for some people, that may be true. However, people are a lot more reluctant to talk about the negative experiences of their college careers. So, let's change that. 

By - Jonathan Gao, Jacquelyn Tang

As soon as the medical team rushed through the doors, I blurted out what was wrong with my sons; my younger son had croup and my older son suffered head trauma. Almost immediately, they began assessing the severity of their issues. In a concerted fashion, they rattled off the names of numerous drug names, performed intubations, and delivered IV fluids to protect the lives of both. Well … the story is somewhat true.