Medicine is far more than just science.

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By - Jonathan Gao, Elizabeth Badalov

When it comes to untested treatments for life-threatening diseases, the rapid spread of misinformation leads to fatal consequences. Misinformation is embedded within every facet of our society -- and the healthcare industry is no stranger to this issue -- so discerning what is right from what is wrong may truly make the difference between life or death.

By - Marium Ghobriel, Ishraq Nihal

Texas has recently come under America’s attention and scrutiny after its legislators passed a law that banned the majority of abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. Women have had their right to abortion protected since 1973 by Roe v Wade, but the new Texas abortion law, made by largely male lawmakers, have put pregnant women in a difficult situation that endangers their both health and well-being.

The Epidemic of the Pandemic

By - Faith Singh, Anling Chen

In the age of technology, where we can get countless information at the tip of our fingers, the hard part comes from distinguishing truth from error. We are often cautioned to avoid using google for medical advice to avoid unwarranted panic. However, throughout the coronavirus pandemic many people have suffered an information overload, between major news outlets, press conferences from government officials, medical journals, Facebook posts and other various social media postings.