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Jacquelyn Tang

Blog Editor

Jacquelyn Tang is a sophomore at Hunter College and the Nursing Honors Scholar Program. She aspires to be a scrub nurse and work closely with doctors and surgeons to treat patients in and out of an operating room. She is interested in exploring her current viewpoint on ethics in public health issues and utilizes this fresh mindset to be a nurse in her studying and training. Jacquelyn likes to doodle in her free time, watch shows like Grey's Anatomy or Criminal Minds, or listen to music on Spotify!

Work Experience

Nov 2020 - Present

Sep 2018 - Nov 2020

Sept 2017 - June 2020

Blog Editor for the Society of Bioethics & Medicine

Team Captain for Varsity Bowling 

Graduated Midwood Highschool 

Medical Science Diploma, Advanced Regents Diploma, AP Scholar with Distinction 

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