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Applications are now open!
Applications are available to Hunter College students only. All positions are at least a one-year commitment. The application is extended and will close at 11:59 PM on May 31st, 2022. We look forward to reading your application.
Please click here for the E-BOARD application. 
Available positions:
  • Treasurer
​Oversees the general financial management of the Society of Bioethics & Medicine. The treasurer is responsible for creating the budget spending, collecting, depositing, and keeping track of funds, ensuring checks reimbursements, and providing financial reports regularly to the CA and OSA offices.
  • Secretary 
Maintains the smooth running of the Society of Bioethics & Medicine through a variety of administrative duties, including but not limited to managing our social media outreach, creating social media posts, handling meeting schedules, organizing and contributing to files and slides presentations, answering and send out emails to our listserv and pre-health office. 
  • Blog Manager
Plays an important role in organizing, planning, and implementing blog posts. The Blog manager is responsible for setting up the blog posts, overlooking the blog team, assigning blog writers and blog editors together, promote our blog through social media and email campaigns. 
Please click here for the BLOG application. 
  • Blog Editor
Oversee the content produced for publications on our websites. This includes reviewing the content of  1-2 monthly blog post(s) before publication and commenting on writing style. Blog editors work closely with the blog writer. 
  • Blog Writer 
​Generate and pitch ideas for blog posts. Blog writers are responsible for conducting online research (for references) to help spark an original ethics-related blog post and work closely with the blog editor. 
Join Our Team: Job Application
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