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Kelvin Wu

Blog Editor / Blog Writer

Kelvin graduated from Hunter College in Spring 2021 with a degree in Biology. He hopes to one day become a compassionate healthcare worker that upholds the meaning of patient care, like many of the earnest workers that have been on the front lines for years. He currently works at CityMD Urgent Care full time as he hopes to continue furthering his career in the healthcare setting. He hopes to be able to aid people not only physically, but mentally as well. Coming from a community that did not have much emphasis on mental health, he learned that true health lies in the balance of a happy body and a happy mind.  He loves to enjoy the little things in his daily life with friends and family, be physically active, and try new food as often as he can.

Work Experience

Sept 2021 - Present

May 2021 - Present

Aug 2018 - Sept 2021 

Jan 2019 - May 2021 

July 2019 - June 2019 

Blog Editor / Blog Writer for the Society of Bioethics and Medicine

CityMD Urgent Care 

Sales Associate Manager for Alimama Tea

Learned to manage a local business and gained interpersonal efficiency in the area of customer service. 

Graduated Hunter College

Cum Laude Honors, Dean's List

Pediatrics Intern and Medical Assistant

Understanding the unique needs of each child and the importance of patient care. Worked under Dr. Zheng. 

My Blogs

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