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Interested in being featured on our blog? Share your experience or opinion on ethics or medical case.

The Society of Bioethics and Medicine’s Bioethics Blog provides a platform for writers to share their opinions and discuss ethical concerns in medical and biological research. If you have a relevant topic that you are passionate about, we encourage you to submit a post for publication. Please note that submitting your writing does not guarantee that it will be posted. We will review all content before it is published. 

Write your blog post

We are looking for blogs that discuss opinions on issues in bioethics, medical ethics, and healthcare. We want to hear your perspective on these matters, so please ensure that all submitted work is your own work. Please include in-text citations and a references/works cited section. You have creative freedom in terms of writing, but we reserve the right to review what we choose to publish on our platforms. 


Submit your blog post  here

Complete the linked Google Form with your name, preferred email address, Gmail, affiliations (if applicable), blog post, and image (optional). Please note that the image must be your own image. It cannot be from the internet due to copyright restrictions. We can find an image for you if needed. 


Review your edits

We will review your submission and send your draft to an editor. We will set up deadlines with you and your editor to work on. Send back your final draft after edits have been made. We will be in contact with you and you should await confirmation of your post. Please note that submitting your writing does not guarantee that it will be posted.

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